Monday, May 9, 2011

How to Date An Otaku Girl?!

Konbawa Minasan! I have watched a Japanese romance comedy movie on my last weekend. The movie is named "How to Date an Otaku Girl" or "Fujoshi Kanojo". This is a Japanese light novel series in two volumes by Pentabu based on a popular blog of the same name with 11 million pageviews. A manga adaptation by Rize Shinba started serialization in 2007 and was published by Enterbrain under their B’s LOG Comics imprint. A movie adaption was 2009 published with My Geeky Girlfriend as the International English title. The story is about the misadventures of a college student, who was falling in love with a pretty girl two years his senior, while in a part-time job, only to find out his girlfriend is a hard-core yaoi fangirl, and so his torment begins.

Title       : How to Date an Otaku Girl / My Girlfriend's a Geek / Fujoshi Kanojo / 腐女子彼女
Genre     : Movie, Comedy, Romance
Director :  Jun Kaneshige
Length    : 97 minutes
Story       :
Hinata is a young man who has started dating Yoriko but before they can get things going she warns him that she’s a ‘fujoshi’. A fujoshi is a girl who enjoys reading mangas dealing with homo-erotic relationships between men, namely shounen-ai and yaoi. Basically she’s a very big fan of boy-love manga and butler cafes. Hinata doesn’t really understand but is quickly caught up in her world. At first he’s a little embarrassed by it all but soon begins to accept, and even embrace, Yoriko’s interests. Just as things are getting comfortable for the two lovers, Yoriko has an opportunity to move to England for her job and she’s now caught between her dreams and her new love.

Cast :
Shunsuke Daito - Hinata
Wakana Matsumoto - Yoriko
Yuta Furukawa - Koji

Shunsuke Daito

Wakana Matsumoto
The first half of the film would be in the comedy category as Hinata tries to deal with Yoriko and her strange obsessions like yaoi comics or butler cafes. There’s also plenty of scenes with Yoriko staring wide-eyed, heart fluttering, as she dreams of weird boy-love moments involving Hinata or when she dreams of Char from the Gundam series. The second half of the film is the straight up romantic part as anything involving otaku culture seems to be forgotten in exchange for the story of Yoriko deciding whether to leave her new love for her dream job.

The story is very sweet though. The lead actress is very funny in the movie and she has cosplayed too. She is also cute as she likes to dream! :P OK, let us take a peek of the scenes of the movie.

So, if you are interested to catch the movie or the manga series of "Fujoshi Kanojo". Please click on the links below respectively.

How to Date an Otaku Girl (Movie)
How to Date an Otaku Girl (Manga Series)

Enjoy watching and/or reading! ^.^

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